Executive Coaching

Integral Coaching offers intensive and in depth executive coaching and development that enhances individual and organisational performance.

We engage leaders at 3 levels of learning –

Transforming your leadership mindset & behaviour – Developing ways of thinking that enable leaders to have the capacity to deal with the complexity and challenges of today’s environment and economy.  Be able to develop and maintain constructive and aligned behaviours that support personal and organisational effectiveness.

Skill & Capability Development – developing new skills such as building trust, deep listening, coaching and developing followers that allow effective execution.

Being a future-fit leader – Learning how to continually learn, adapt and evolve through the art of self-reflection to sure you continue to develop yourself as a leader as you enter new roles, teams, organisations and different challenges and stages in your career.

Team Coaching

We offer team coaching to intact teams which allows individual and team development in real time in team meetings and offsites. This provides an opportunity for intact teams to come together to discover, reflect and implement the elements of a high performance team in an environment that fosters constructive thinking, planning and action with a team coach that is experienced in business, leading teams and group development.

The team is able to work on a nominated area which may be of strategic importance, a project that is causing difficulties for the group or look at the day to day operating rhythm of the group and the dynamics around how we come together and get coaching on how working on individual and team mindsets, behaviours and skills that can promote team effectiveness.

Team coaching fosters the performance and effectiveness of the team through building awareness of destructive and ineffective dynamics, creating strong team bonds, setting a constructive framework for engaging with each other through reflection, skill building and dialogue. Often this allows others to see what really drives and inspires others in the team which builds awareness and understanding of others. It also facilitates positive goal directed conversations that build the teams ability to create clear direction on important issues and engage in effective action to drive business results.

Group Coaching

Group coaching provides the opportunity for leaders and teams to deal with real time business issues or strategic challenges in a group coaching forum. This can also be used to support organisational wide or cross functional teams or integrate the learning and experiences from our tailored leadership programs. Group coaching is cost effective, builds organisational and cross team unity and creates alignment towards business objectives in a creative environment.

The group coaching process is used to engage in each others learning and goals and to help each other succeed. This is achieved by using a model that promotes asking probing and clarifying questions that help people move forward, integrate learning and meet desired goals. Members are encouraged to listen deeply and intently, speak honestly, be present and ask questions that promote reflection, clear direction and effective action.

Leadership & Team Assessment Surveys

We offer a wide range of solutions for individual, team and cultural development including Leadership Circle, LSI, DISC, LEA360 & IDI. These assessment and diagnostic tools can be used as part of an individual coaching program, a leadership development program or a high performance team program.

Integral Coaching facilitators and coaches are fully accredited to deliver the assessments offered below. Over the last 15 years we have successfully worked with 1000’s of individuals completing these assessments across a wide range of industries and delivery methods.

What sets us apart - 20 years of experience, combining psychology and business approaches


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