Integral Coaching Developing Leaders that Thrive in Complex Environments

Leadership Development and Consulting, Executive Coaching,  Team Coaching & Facilitated workshops with teams & cross-functional groups

About Us

Integral Coaching was formed in 1999. Our business experience and psychological expertise has been used over the years to develop and refine our systems (Integral) based coaching and leadership approaches. Integral Coaching has designed and delivered countless leadership programs, group coaching programs, high performance team programs and completed hundreds of Executive Coaching assignments with top 100 ASX companies, global organisations and small to medium business. Our programs are based on over 20 years of expertise in helping people grow and navigate change.

Virtual Consulting

Individual & Team Coaching – practical strategies for leading and delivering in challenging times
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Executive Coaching

One on one coaching for leaders and executives

Team Coaching

Coaching for intact teams on current business issues and team performance

Group Coaching

Functional/cross functional coaching on business issues. learning and change

Leadership Assessment Tools & Debriefs

Collect tailored 360 feedback and measure leadership competencies

Tailored Leadership Programs

Custom designed programs to create the leadership competencies you need

Creating Vision, Values & Engagement

Develop the DNA of your team for effective relationships and great results

Individual and Team Purpose

Connect with your “why” and get clarity about the difference you want to make

Group Facilitation

Facilitation of one off or ongoing group/team work

The Integral Approach

The Integral approach helps you see yourself and the world in a more comprehensive and effective way.
By harnessing all the dimensions that we know have a major impact on growth and change we can dramatically accelerate our ability to lead in complex and fast changing environments and create more effective outcomes.

Our Focus

Transforming Thinking and Behaviour

Developing new ways of thinking and behaving that allow you to thrive in complexity, be more effective and face anything that comes at you.

Growing Skills and Capabilities

Working on developing new skills and capabilities that support new ways of being and doing and enable you to be at your best.

Being future fit – Learning to Learn and Evolve

Developing practices around self-reflection to support you to evolve and continue your development and growth.

Our Testimonials


I found Campbells coaching style immensely beneficial in a deliberately challenging week. He is able to cultivate very open discussion and add value instantly to your thoughts and learning.”



“He really understands the support that leaders need to create personal transformation and builds high trust coaching relationships.”



OD Professional

“Campbell has done excellent work with our senior leaders. He brings strong coaching capability with good understanding of the complex organisational dynamics that our senior leaders are dealing with.”


What sets us apart - 20 years of experience, combining psychology and business approaches


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