Tailored Leadership Development

We offer leadership development programs that are tailored to your organisation and focus on three key areas – leading self, leading others and achieving results.

Leading Self – Good leaders spend time reflecting on what is important to them, how they are leading and the impact of their style on the people around them and the results they create.  Our programs support individuals to develop the ability to make sense of their world and gain insight into how their beliefs and behaviour in part Integral Frameworkcreate the outcomes they get.  We also work with distilling each leaders purpose, vision and values and developing emotional intelligence through managing stress, leadership presence and maintaining composure.

Leading Others – Good leaders also embody great social intelligence by being able to understand people’s motivation and drivers. This then creates good rapport and increases skills in noticing and developing others capabilities and skills.  We work with individuals to see the capabilities in others, develop deep listening skills, give good feedback and put themselves in other peoples shoes. We also help develop awareness of the crucial leadership skill of developing trust, accountability and how to bring people along with you.

Achieving Results – Good leaders need to be able to create a vision, make clear decisions, delegate and measure, see and manage the complexity of the environment and hold accountability for results.  We work with leaders around navigating complex environments, being agile and change ready yet focused and decisive, supported by developing others to produce great outcomes.