Welcome to Integral Coaching

Integral - "Having all the necessary parts to be complete" Coaching - "To carry . . . knowledge, potential, purpose"

Who are we?

Integral Coaching has over 16 years experience in personal development, leadership development and organisational change. We offer one on one Executive Coaching, Leadership Development programs, High Performance Team programs and individual Counselling and Employee Assistance.

Why Us?

We have a proven track record in providing individuals, teams and organisations with the strategies, tools and skills for people to be at their best. Our purpose is to help you unlock your potential.

Our Approach

We work with the I (individual), We (team), It (organisation/community) and Us (the wider context) to bring a whole systems approach to help you uncover “who you are”, “how you think”, “what you do” and “why you do it” to harness the deepest levels of change in service of your goals and objectives.

Our Services

Executive Coaching

Our coaching programs provide researched and tested goal driven approaches. We offer intensive and in depth executive coaching and development that helping leaders and executives transform the way they think and behave in the role of leader.

Group Coaching

Coaching groups of between 3-4 people provide the opportunity for leaders and teams to deal with real time business issues in a group coaching forum. Group coaching is cost effective, builds team unity and creates alignment towards business objectives.

Coaching Supervision

We offer a learning and development process for internal coaches (inside organisations) that support managers and leaders to coach at an optimum level by developing their coaching methodologies, skills and confidence.

Leadership Assessment & Feedback

External feedback on thinking and behavioural styles is often an integral part of coaching and a powerful tool to enroll people in the need for change. We offer solutions for the debriefing and coaching on a range of development tools and instruments including LSI (Lifestyles Inventory), The leadership Circle (TLC), CLS360, VIA Pro Character Strengths and DISC.

Life Coaching

We can help you discover and clarify what you want to achieve and build skills and capabilities to meet future challenges. Our Life Coaching is focused on creating solutions unlock your creativity and resourcefulness.

Authentic Leader Program

The Authentic Leadership Development program focuses on “being” a leader rather than “doing” leadership. The program enhances self-awareness, increases confidence and builds understanding and links between Authentic Leadership, individual achievement and organisational success.

High Performance Team Program

Our high performance team programs provide solutions for intact and cross functional teams that wish to develop accountability, alignment, engagement, vision and strategy, future thinking and customer focus to drive business objectives.

Manager as Coach Program

Our Manager as Coach Program will help you differentiate between managing and coaching and develop your skills in knowing when to lead, when to manage and when to coach.

General Facilitation & Experiential Learning

We offer general facilitation services that encompass strategy, visioning and purpose work and action planning and execution. We also offer the facilitation of experiential learning through games and survival simulations that provide a physical, mental and emotional impact in learning.

Counselling Services

Our counselling services focus on enhancing the psychological and emotional well-being of people so they are able to reach their full potential. We support personal growth, self-development and self-understanding in people so they can achieve success, be more creative and resilient day to day and eliminate or reducing specific problem areas.

Employee Assistance for Small Business

An Employee Assistance Program for small business is a counselling program offered to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of employees and their immediate family members. The aim is to provide interventions for the resolution of work and personal problems that may adversely affect performance and wellbeing.

Our purpose is to unlock your potential . . .

We design and deliver programs that unlock your potential. At Integral Coaching we pride ourselves on delivering effective and sustainable personal, professional and organisational development that supports your objectives, growth strategies and wellbeing.

The Integral Framework

As the world becomes more complex we are increasingly challenged to work with many different perspectives, approaches and environments all while we strive for great outcomes. While some approaches look to control or manage growth and change, the Integral approach works with enabling us to see the patterns that connect all the various dimensions of our lives and offers a comprehensive and fully integrated view of the reality we live in. This powerful perspective allows us to see the world we are in, in a more comprehensive and effective way.

The Integral framework works with the exploration and development of multiple aspects of the system. From a personal perspective this involves working with people’s mindsets, vision, values, goals and capabilities and how these interrelate with the broader system and environment. From an organisational perspective this involves understanding how results are influenced by collective leadership and organisational culture, politics, and business systems and strategy.

Our programs and services work from this Integral framework to develop exceptional people and organisations that are able to work effectively and adapt to the complexity of the world around them.

Our Focus

  • Client focused

    We deliver excellent results by really taking the time to understand your current needs and goals and developing tailored solutions

  • People Savvy

    We have spent tens of thousands of hours investing in understanding people and what makes them tick.  We bring you a deep understanding of change and growth that will transform your perspective and build the skills and mindset to deal with the issues at hand.

  • Business Savvy

    We understand that in order for coaching and high performance teams to be successful they need to be linked to your current organisational strategies and initiatives. We have the commercial experience to link your development strategies to your business imperatives.