High Performance Team Building Program

Tailored to the specific requirements of your team, our High Performance Team Building programs work with four critical success factors in delivering exceptional outcomes – Vision, Values, Purpose and Rules of Engagement.

Whether you’re a newly formed team or a team that has a specific objective in mind we can work with you to ensure you obtain maximum benefit by developing strong and effective relationships while building team cohesion. Knowing where you’re going, how you’re going to get there together, what each of you will do, and most importantly, why you’re doing it will be agreed. We will create a language together that the team can lead moving forward so that

Using our Integral methodology we help the team to develop a roadmap for success by crafting a unique vision statement, before working to uncover how each person’s values contribute to the team’s behaviour. We then unpack “why” the team is doing what they’re doing, constructing a purpose statement which creates a strong sense of team meaning, identity and shared purpose. To help deliver day to day objectives we co-create the teams preferred Rules of Engagement, creating a framework for positive interactions and the foundation for day to day interactions.

All our programmes are underpinned by critical reflection, with each person continually being challenged to reflect on their skills and the benefits they bring to the team.