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Integral - "Having all the necessary parts to be complete" Coaching - "To carry . . . knowledge, potential, purpose"

Tailored Executive Coaching Programs built to support and develop the quality of the people running your business – Challenge, Empower & Grow

Coaching Program 1


Leadership Impact & Insights



6 Week Coaching Program includes –


1 x (world class) 360 degree feedback leadership assessment tool


3 Coaching Sessions in total



Measure the impact of a leaders style on others & team/business performance


Identify and develop strengths


Create awareness of blind spots


Create comprehensive development goals & objectives


Engage leaders in a call to action


3 coaching sessions with a professional coach


Includes 1 x 20 min Coach, Coachee & Manager meeting


Coaching Program 2


Leadership Skills Coaching



3 Month Program includes –


All the content & benefits of Coaching Program 1 and  . . .


 + 3 additional coaching sessions to develop key leadership skills


6 Coaching Sessions in total



 Leadership Skills coaching includes


A tailored skill and capability development program


Building trust & connection skills


Learning flexible communications styles


Develop self-management & EQ skills


Learning high performance teams skills


Creating self-reflection and continuous learning skills


6 coaching sessions with a professional coach


Includes 2 x 20min Coach, Coachee & Manager meetings


Coaching Program 3


Developmental Leadership Coaching



6 Month Coaching Program includes –


All the benefits of Coaching Programs 1 & 2 and . . .


+ 4 additional coaching sessions on building high performance mindsets and behaviours


10 Coaching Sessions in Total



Mindsets Coaching includes


A tailored program on developing high performance leadership mindsets & behaviours that are aligned with your organisational culture, strategies and objectives


Insights into creating and sustaining high performance thinking and behaviours


How to develop a high performance team culture


Uncover individual purpose, vision, motivation and values


Creating ongoing self-directed learning


10 coaching sessions with a professional coach


3 x 20min Coach, Coachee & manager meetings included


Our purpose is to unlock your potential . . .

We design and deliver programs that unlock your potential. At Integral Coaching we pride ourselves on delivering effective and sustainable personal, professional and organisational development that supports your objectives, growth strategies and wellbeing.

Having been in business for over 15 years and delivered over 20,000 hours of executive and leadership coaching we look forward to showing you how we can add value to your people and business.

Join other satisfied organisations that have used our programs to develop the potential of their people and increase organisational performance and culture.

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