Counselling Services

Our counselling services focus on enhancing the psychological and emotional well-being of people so they are able to reach their full potential. We support personal growth, self-development and self-understanding in people so they can achieve success, be more creative and resilient day to day and eliminate or reducing specific problem areas. This is achieved through dialogue between counsellor and client that enables the client to develop understanding about themselves and make changes in their lives.

Our counselling services draws upon therapeutic and psychological theories facilitated by the counsellor and where the client decides what goals will bring about change and engages in supported to to bring this about. The processes of self-monitoring, self-examination and self-awareness are some of the mechanisms used to create successful outcomes both in the sessions and after counselling has finished.  The process is based on an ethos of respect for client, their values, their beliefs, their uniqueness and the right to self-determination. Counselling may involve work with current issues or crisis, or difficulties that have been more long term.

For a more action and goal oriented approach see our life coaching services.

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We also offer Employee Assistance Programs for Small Business.