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Lonely at the Top

What CEO’s really want from Coaching Stanford 2013 Executive Coaching Survey – Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it. “Lonely at the top” resonates for most CEOs.

The Neuroscience of Leadership – We are now certified to deliver MyBrainSolutions

We are now certified to deliver the MybrainSolution products pioneered by Dr Evian Gordon. Mybrainsolutions delivers brain based approaches to personal development and leadership development. Why is a Brain-based approach so important? While the application of science to business is not new but there are new neuroscientic findings about how brain work, change and perform. […]

Building Engaged Teams – Case Study

A virtual team within a global organisation had been set up to deliver a market sensitive and highly confidential project that centred on technology and products that were new to the global and Australian marketplace. The team comprised 20 people from functions across the business. Recent leadership changes in the project had resulted in uncertainty […]

Building Achievement Focused Teams – Case Study

The marketing team within a global education and publishing company had established a plan to achieve their strategies and identified key focus areas to ensure their success and value in the business. Limiting them was way they were perceived by the organisation and that the team leadership position had been vacant for nine months until […]

Building Strategically Aligned Teams – Case Study

After 3 restructures in 12 months a Customer Insights team in a global telecommunications company was stretched to the limit. With a total of 16 team members communication was stilted and although there was a pre-tense for getting on in the team there was a distinct lack of trust between members and a view that […]