About Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching was formed in 1999. Our business experience and psychological expertise has been used over the years to develop and refine our systems (Integral) based coaching and leadership approaches.  Integral Coaching has designed and delivered countless leadership programs, group coaching programs, high performance team programs and completed hundreds of Executive Coaching assignments with top 100 ASX companies, global organisations and small to medium business. Our programs are based on over 20 years of expertise in helping people grow and navigate change.

We continue to stay at the cutting edge of the fields of adult development, leadership development and managing complexity and change. We value the rigor of understanding our industry from a sound theoretical and academic approach and working with how change happens as a lived experience – inside of people, between people and focusing on results.  Our niche is bringing these elements together.

We are also looking ahead to the future of work and how leadership and organisations will evolve and change over the next 20 years. At Integral Coaching we continue to research how people can lead themselves more effectively by managing their thinking, behaviour and feelings to be at their best, live with meaning and purpose and contribute to the communities and organisations around them.

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